Minze Health

Based in Antwerp, Belgium, Minze Health is a digital health company that is developing and globally commercializing novel diagnostic, treatment and RPM solutions for people suffering from Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS). Minze’s automated bladder diary (Minze Diary Pod) enables quicker and better treatment of all LUTS including Urinary incontinence, OAB, Nocturia and BPH, Minze’s at home use uroflowmeter (Homeflow) can be used on normal toilets and provides more accurate data on patients with voiding symptoms (BOO, BPH). Minze’s Hospiflow is a unique Cloud-based uroflowmeter to be used on normal toilets anywhere within a hospital, urology office or pelvic floor rehabilitation center. Minze Health is meanwhile active in more than 20 countries around the world. Independent and exclusive distributors, as well as global MedTech companies represent Minze in the US, Europe, the Middle-East, Australia and Japan. All Minze products are CE-marked, FDA listed and developed under strict GDPR and HIPAA regulations.